Find Your Arch Type!

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The first step to buying the right shoes is to know your foot type – whether you have normal, flat or high arches. I use the wet test method to see what the bottom of my feet actually look like. You can use a paper grocery bag or a heavy paper towel. I used the latter – the kind found in public restrooms 😉

ken feet

My foot has normal arches but I’m getting ahead of myself (my own feet are to the right) ——————————————–>

Here we go! You wet your foot, in the bathtub or shower, then step on the brown paper bag or paper towel. I would also take a photo before the paper dries.

If you look down, you will most likely see one of three shapes:

neutral archNormal Arch

This is the most common foot type and you will see around half of your arch. Your pronation is normal so…hooray, you can wear just about any shoes save those for over and under pronators!


flat archFlat Arch

You can see nearly your entire foot which means you are probably an over-pronator. You need stability shoes (mild to moderate pronation) or motion control shoes (severe pronation).


High Archhigh arch

You can see only the heel and ball of your foot. This is an uncommon foot type which will cause you to under-pronate. Neutral cushioned shoes are your best bet as they will encourage pronation.

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