*STICKY* Parts of a Running Shoe

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Parts of a running shoe? If you want to be a true shoe geek, you must learn a little anatomy of a typical running shoe. I tried to keep this as simple as possible because some of the technical terminology is even beyond my understanding!

As a model, I used my current New Balance m880v3 shoes (yes, I’m a version behind but I love them) for the pictorial representation. Below are short descriptions of each part going in a clockwise direction 😉

Upper – The top part of the shoe that keeps your foot in place
Midsole – The layer of material between the outsole and the insole
Outsole – The bottom part of the shoe
Toe Cap – A decorative strip of material across the toe of the shoe
Toe Box – The part of the shoe that holds and protects the toes
Laces – A cord that passes through the eyelets that draw the shoe closed
Eyelets – These are holes where the shoelaces pass through
Tongue – A strip of material found under the laces of the shoe
Collar – The material around the opening of the shoe
Lining – The inside layer of the shoe


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