My Groin Injury Journey Part 1 – From 12 miles to Zero!

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Photo by istela1 / CC BY

This is my first running injury that does not involve my lower legs. I have a bad feeling that this injury is going to linger for awhile. I decided to keep a log to document the process and hopefully help others who might suffer from this injury or something similar.

I’m not one hundred percent certain that my groin injury was caused by running but I’m pretty sure it was and when it happened. Let’s back up to July 28th (Friday) when I ran intervals…90 sec jog/30 sec sprint/60 walk (9 sets). In hindsight, maybe I should have increased my pace for 90 seconds instead of all out sprinting.

I believe the sprinting is the cause of my groin problems though the pain didn’t come immediately. On July 30th (Sunday) I ran an easy 5 miles and everything seemed fine. Several hours later, I saw an approaching car while crossing the street, and tried jogging across. There was a sharp pain, intense enough, where I had to stop and walk. The pain was centered in the groin area (left side).

My first thought was, “I have a groin pull” so, not wanting to take any chances, I completely stopped running. What’s funny (or not) is that I can walk pain free for miles but if I run even 2 steps, the sharp pain comes back. There is some pain when laying down and lifting my left leg. For some reason there is pain, at night, when I flip from my back, to my side or stomach in bed. I didn’t notice any swelling or bruising.

Okay, I lied! I didn’t completely stop running. On August 2 (Wednesday), I tried slow jogging and lasted only 50 seconds before I had to stop. The pain wasn’t excruciating but it wasn’t worth the risk of a more serious injury. I started do some research and was scared at what I was reading…torn muscule, hernia, a rupture, stress fracture, yikes!

I emailed my doctor and he told me to make an appointment. So a visit to my doctor, tomorrow (August 9th, Wednesday), will hopefully result in a diagnosis and treatment. I have a feeling that an MRI will be needed since groin pain could mean many, many different conditions. Stay tuned…

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