List, Lists, Lists – World Faster Runners: Top Men’s 200m Times

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 TimeAthleteCountryRace LocationDate
119.19Usain BoltJamaicaBerlin20 Aug 2009
219.26Yohan BlakeJamaicaBruxelles16 Sep 2011
319.30Usain BoltJamaicaBeijing 20 Aug 2008
419.32Michael JohnsonUSAAtlanta01 Aug 1996
419.32Usain BoltJamaicaLondon09 Aug 2012
519.40Usain BoltJamaicaDaegu03 Sep 2011
619.44Yohan BlakeJamaicaLondon09 Aug 2012
719.53Walter DixUSABruxelles16 Sep 2011
819.54Yohan BlakeJamaicaBruxelles07 Sep 2012
919.55Usain BoltJamaicaBeijing 27 Aug 2015

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