Virtual Running? Virtual Races? For Real?

To be honest, until recently I had never heard of virtual running or virtual races. If it wasn’t for on an ad I came across, as I was scrolling down Facebook (mobile version), I probably still would be in the dark about these events.

Virtual races are just like traditional races with a shirt, medal, and bib except you can run, walk, hike or even run on a treadmill! You can run wherever or with whoever you want. Racers report their time and then a medal is mailed to them for completing the race.

I have been slowly training for the Honolulu Marathon but that race (in December) is over five months away. There aren’t a whole lot of races I’m interested in before the marathon. I do plan on joining some 5K and 10K virtual races to kind of reward myself during my training.

Below, I listed some of the more interesting running clubs or races that I have encountered on the web. I will also highlight if these events are connected to a charity or charities because it always feels good to run a race and know you’re also helping those in need.

Virtual Running Club
They are a small group of people dedicated to bringing you fun and uplifting virtual race events. Vacation Races owns and operates Virtual Running Club. They have been running virtual races for 4 years now.

They are a race company that believes that (just like traditional races) a medal should be earned by finishing the race. Each of their races has a designated charity partner. A portion of your registration fees (around 50% of proceeds) will be donated directly to the charity.

Disney Running Shorts

I’ve been looking a Disney marathon or half-marathon to run at either Disneyland or Disney World. I found out that these races sell out quickly, quick as in the same day registration opens. So, if you want to run in a Disney race, there is the the Virtual Running Shorts Series that happens during the Summer.

Pluto’s the honorary host this year and he’s inviting everyone to join in on a summer of magical runs on a course of your choosing. It’s your chance to experience all the excitement of a magical Disney run right in your own backyard!

Whether you want to run with your pet, go solo, or run with friends, the 2017 Virtual Running Shorts Series is a great way to celebrate a summer filled with great Disney runs and lots of fun!

Virtual Run Events

Virtual Run Events was created in April 2015. Why? Because they LOVE running! And even more, they LOVE connecting with runners.  Shortly after creating Moon Joggers, they realized that they could encourage people to get out and get moving, AND make a difference throughout the world.

How? By creating fun and unique events to raise money for various charities. For each event a unique medal is designed, people are invited to get out and run or walk their own race, at their own pace and choose a charity to donate a portion of the proceeds to.

They have already raised more than $300,000 for charities from running events on their website. They are making a difference one race at a time!

U.S. RoadRunning

Run/Walk at any location you want. You can use the treadmill, run outside, your own course, another race, or get your running group together. You can run the event any day, any time, or any place you want.

A Virtual Race is a federal trademark by US Road Running. It is a race that can be run/walked any time, any place or any location. Federal trademark sn 86511866. To view Virtual Races go to

Upcoming Races July 2017 – Oahu

upcoming races

Ka’ena Point Firecracker 10 mile
10-Mile Trail Run | Ka’ena Point
Saturday, July 1st 2017 at 7:00 a.m.

Runway Run 5k
5K Road Run | Kaneohe MCBH Freight Line, Hangar 104
Tuesday, July 4th 2017 at  6:30 a.m.

Freedom Run/Walk 2017
5K, 10K Road Run | Kailua High School
Tuesday, July 4th 2017 at  7:00 a.m.

Kailua Beach Run
4+ Mile Beach Run | Kailua Beach
Sunday, July 9th 2017 at  7:00 a.m.

Lanikai 8K (Daniel Levey Memorial Run)
8K Run | Lanikai Bike Path
Sunday, July 16th 2017 at 7:00 a.m.

Camp Smith Grueler 5k
5K Partial-Trail Run | Bordelon Field, Camp Smith Aiea
Saturday, 22nd July 2017 at 7:00 a.m.

Red Carpet Fun Run
5K non-timed Run/Walk | Saratoga Avenue & Hornet Street (Barbers Point)
Saturday, July 22nd 2017 at 8:00 a.m.

Mango Days 5K
5K Run/Walk | Ala Moana Beach Park
Sunday, July 30th 2017 at 6:30 a.m.

Calorie Burning Chart – For Runners, Joggers & Walkers

Activity15 min30 min45 min1 hour
Walking 3 mph (20-min-mile)60180240300
Jogging in place119238357476
Running 5 mph (12-min-mile)119238357476
Running 5.5 mph (11-min-mile)128256384512
Running 6 mph (10-min-mile)153306459612
Running 6.7 mph (9-min-mile)170340510680
Running 7.5 mph (8-min-mile)213426639852
Running 8.6 mph (7-min-mile)221442663884
Running 10 mph (6-min-mile)2555107651020

Running in Honolulu – Nimitz Highway Bike/Run Path

nimitzRunning in Honolulu…when I need a nice FLAT 4 mile up and back, the perfect place to run is the asphalt bike/run path that runs along the Nimitz Highway, near the airport, in Honolulu. From town, I hop on the Nimitz Highway and drive towards Honolulu International Airport. I usually turn off on Ahua Street or Puuloa Road. Parking can be a pain because of the many commercial businesses in the area. I usually only run here on the weekends, in the morning.

The Nimitz Highway travels underneath the H1 Freeway viaduct so you are protected from the blazing afternoon sun and somewhat from the rain (the path runs underneath or along the viaduct at times). There are a few stoplights to go through but they are green, most of the time, since Nimitz Highway is the main road. There is a lot of traffic, at times, but the path is relatively safe. Just watch out for vehicles turning right onto or off the Nimitz.

nimitzNow if you’re in the mood for a long run, you can head towards the Pearl Harbor Bike Path which is around 2.75 miles away. The Pearl Harbor Bike Path will give you another 4 miles of asphalt to run on. Here’s how to get there:

  • First, cross Valkenburgh Street and continue on the bike/run path which will eventually run parallel with Bougainville Drive.
  • After approximately .8 miles, cross Radford Drive and turn to the left.
  • After approximately .2 miles, cross Kamehameha Highway and turn to the left.
  • You will stay on Kamehameha Highway for approximately 1.6 miles passing Makalapa Park, Ford Island Bridge, and Richardson Field.
  • Just after passing Aloha Stadium (on your right), turn left on short access road that will lead you to the beginning of the Pearl Harbor Bike Path.

If you happen to miss the access road to the Pearl Harbor Bike Path, there are other access points that you can see from Kamehameha Highway so no worries!