Running Gear Checklist – Running Use to Be So simple

running gearRunning is a simple recreational endeavor needing very little gear to get started. All you need are shorts, shirt, shoes, socks and you’re good to go! Well, I wish it were that easy for me. As I’ve grown older, my list of gear needed, to get out the door, has increased dramatically in both quantity and cost.

At the beginning of my running career, I used gear already in my possession:
Basketball shorts, a cotton t-shirt (cotton? really?), tube socks, and athletic shoes (trail shoes I later discovered). I used the stopwatch, on my Timex watch, and measured my runs by time unless I was running laps around a track. I was able to map some of my neighborhood routes, online, using GPS maps.

Fast forward 10 or 12 years, to the present, and many things have changed. You can now spend quite a bit of money on shorts ($30), shirts ($40), shoes ($100+), hats ($25), socks ($15 a pair), Fitbit watch ($200) and the list goes on. I am a cheapskate and do shop at Ross Dress for Less and Marshalls Department Store.

My checklist for running:

  1. Briefs
  2. Running shorts
  3. Technical shirt
  4. Hat
  5. Knee sleeve
  6. Fanny pack
  7. House keys
  8. Glasses (yes, I forgot my dang glasses once)
  9. Ear buds
  10. Phone (music/playlists)
  11. Socks (no show)
  12. Inserts (arch support)
  13. Fitness/GPS watch
  14. Sweat rag (if I plan on stopping at the store or post office)
  15. Plastic zip-lock if it is raining (phone protection)

Some no-no’s, I committed, when missing some checks on the list:

  • I accidentally wore boxers, ONCE,  and not only was it uncomfortable but irritating to the “crotch” area.
  • Forgetting my hat, means sweat running down my scalp & forehead, then into my eyes (yes, I am a MEGA sweater!).
  • I forgot my house keys and had to call my wife at 5:00 AM to let me back into the house (she was NOT happy).
  • When I forget my knee sleeve, I can almost psych myself into feeling knee pain.
  • Having my fanny pack too loose with cause it to bounce up and down (annoying to the point where I have to stop and fix).
  • Having a hole in the bottom of my sock will cause me to focus on that hole for the entire run.

Funny Run – 5 Silly Questions to Ask a Runner

running in the rain

You don’t run in the rain do you?

Well, I don’t NOT run because it’s raining. The only thing I don’t like about running, in the rain, is whether my soaked shoes will dry before my next run <LINK>. Sometimes my glasses fog up which can makes it difficult to see but I can just wipe ’em off! I also keep my phone in a ziplock bag so can still listen to music (earbuds) and keep it dry. Let it rain, let it rain…I’m still running!

You don’t seem very fast so are you a running or a jogger?

Today, the definition of a runner is someone who runs 6 mph and faster. Than equates to a 10-minute-mile pace. I was never a fast runner but up until my late 40’s, I easily could maitain a 6 mph pace. From my late 40’s on, I have had injury problems and my running has suffered. Rare is the day that I can average a 10-minute-mile pace but, yes, I still consider myself a runner!

Isn’t running boring? Doesn’t it become monotanous?

Boring? Well if I ran around the same block, everday…it might get a bit boring. I try to run different routes, in my neighborhood, and even drive to some of my favorite running places. Also, I always listen to music to keep my mind grooving!<LINK> I have alternative rock, classic rock, disco, high energy and techno playlist to help pass time. I’ve even listened baseball and football games while running. Some times I like to think, pray, work out problems or just vegetate while running.

Isn’t Running Bad For Your Knees?

Yes, running is a high impact activity so…YES, it is bad for your knees, shins, ankles, feet, joints, back, ect, ect, ect! Please understand that running is a great way to get your butt off of the couch and outside excercising. Buying a pair of high quality, comfortable running shoes and havng a reasonable training plan should keep you relatively injury free. Don’t worry about your gait, footstrike or motion control/stability shoes…just go out and run! Trust me, your body will love you 🙂

You can eat as much as you want, whatever you want and burn it off running?

Well, I wish that was true. You do burn off calories but not as much as you would think. A normal run, for me, is around 3 miles at a 10-minute-mile pace. That adds up to 30 minutes of running and the burning of around 300 calories. Now if you pig out all day and ingest 3000 or 4000 calories a day, you’re just going to end up a FAT runner. The name of the game is to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Bay to Breakers Costumes – A Slideshow

The Bay to Breakers foot race is one of the most fun and crazy events I have ever attended. Though it was way back in 2001 that I ran, walked, ate Mexican food and guzzled beer, I have fond memories of that costume parade. The costumes are what makes this race unique so I created a slideshow of my favorite costumes. After the slideshow, please read on for a little history 🙂

1912: the City Cross Race is run on January 1 as a way to boost moral after the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906. There were 186 participants in this inaugural race and 116 finished. It was to become the longest consecutively run foot race in the world.

1940: the first costume appears when someone dresses up as Captain Kidd. Also, the first woman runs the race disguised as a man (isn’t that a costume also?).

1963: only 63 runners register for the race!

1964: Bay to Breakers becomes the official race name coined by sports writer Walt Daley.

1971: Woman are allowed to register for the race.

1974: The youngest winner ever is 10-year-old Maryetta Boitano who also wins the women’s division the following two years.

1986: Guinness (world records…not the stout!) declares this years race the largest ever with over 100,000 participants. Bay to Breakers would hold this record for 24 years.

Songs About Running? – Songs with Run, Runner or Running in the Title

running songs
Songs about running? The other day I was wondering if there are any songs about running. Well, I found plenty of songs with Run, Runner or Running in the title:

“Run Like Hell” – Pink Floyd
“Run On” – Moby
“Running up that Hill” – Kate Bush
“Run to You” – Bryan Adams
“Run through the Jungle” – CCR
“You Better Run” – Pat Benetar
“Run to the Hills” – Iron Maiden

As for songs about running, I wasn’t so successful but here is a random list of four songs:

Shoot the Runner by Kasabian

Hmm…not an encouraging title if you’re a runner!
Check out the lyrics below. They are definitely NOT about running!

“Shoot the runner, shoot shoot the runner, I’m a King and she’s my Queen, Shoot the runner, shoot shoot the runner, I’m a King and she’s my Queen,

Dream, dream again in your way
Always knew that you would
Loose yourself to the scene
Am I only a dream.”

The best interpretation I came by was that heroin is called “the runner” and when you smoke it, you “run it.” Heroin is supposedly better when you inject it or “shoot it up” so…injecting heroin is “shooting the runner.”

Psycho Killer by Talking Heads

Okay, this song doesn’t have the word “run” in the title the the chorus includes “run” seven consecutive times. And I love this song (it’s on one of my running playlists).

I can’t seem to face up to the facts
I’m tense and nervous and I can’t relax
I can’t ’cause my bed’s on fire
Don’t touch me I’m a real live wire

Psycho killer
Qu’est-ce que c’est
Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better
Run run run run run run run away

The lyrics seem to describing a person who is bipolar or neurotic. They are either fantasizing about killing or have become a serial killer. Hmm…not a very uplifting song and definitely NOT about running.

Fox on the Run by The Sweet

Yeah, we’re going back to the 70’s for this one. Hmm…I always though this song was about a hot girl running but maybe I’m wrong?

“I don’t wanna know your name
‘Cause you don’t look the same
The way you did before

Okay, you think you got a pretty face
But the rest of you is out of place
You looked all right before

Fox on the run
You scream and everybody comes a running Take a run and hide yourself away Foxy on the run, f-foxy Fox on the run and hide away”

Let’s see…plastic surgery gone bad? A transvestite? A pretty face but the wrong junk (don’t want to get too graphic)? A beating with the ugly stick? I’ll stay with a hot girl running!

Run by Collective Soul

Woo hoo, a song about running. Okay, it’s not just about running but running in search of something?

“Are these times contagious? I’ve never been this bored before Is this the prize I’ve waited for?
Now with the hours passing, there’s nothing left here to insure I long to find a messenger

Have I got a long way to run?
Have I got a long way to run?
Yeah, I run”

Hmm…life is boring? Is he depressed about the shallowness of his life? Is he running in search of the meaning of life? I read another interpretation that the song represents retired life (a little far fetched?).

Okay, maybe there aren’t any songs specifically about running. It doesn’t make for poetic, deep or inspirational lyrics:

Running, running, gotta pee
Overtraining, hurt my knee
Ran so hard but lost the race
Stumbled at the end, fell on my face.