My Groin Injury Journey Part 3 – So Far, So Good

Okay, it’s almost been a month since my last run. It’s time to start my post injury test runs. I have to admit that I’ve been kind of lazy when it comes to stretching and stuff. There wasn’t much groin exercises or stretching going on during my convalescent period (not running).

For my test runs, I did do plenty of stretching and made sure I warmed up with some walking. Even with three runs completed, I’m still in test mode so there will be NO speed work and NO long runs for awhile. I will think twice before adding any kind of sprinting to my training.

Test Run #1
2 miles
Kamehameha Community Park
First run in a month after my groin strain. I felt some discomfort in the beginning. I was going to stop if I felt pain but the pain never came. I maintained my usual stride but mentally tried to slow the pace (didn’t work cuz I ran my usual time). As soon as I finished it was ibuprofen & ice pack time!

Test Run #2 – Around Kalihi
3.4 miles
Ran slow & steady. So far, so good…no groin discomfort or pain. Afterwards, I felt a little pain in my lower back (like I tweaked it).

Test Run #3 – Around Kalihi
3.37 miles in 36:22
Felt a bit of discomfort, in the groin area (left side), for the first 10 to 15 seconds of the run only. No other problems after that other than my usual plantar fasciitis (right heel). I’m not paying attention to time…just running a comfortable pace.

Hasta aquí todo bien…